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The Good as Gone Group LLC is what we jokenly call a publisher of last resort. We can help get your novel or non-friction book, short story, or poetry published at a very nominal fee. That said, one still can expect to pay at least two thousand dollars in out of pocket expensive that is provided you want anyone to read your work.

The reasons are simple. Let’s say you write an 82-thousand-word novel. You are going to need an editor to at least proofread your book and before you think you can do this yourself, think again. Even the best writers cannot proofread their own work.

Most proofreaders will charge around $1,500 for this service but you really get what you pay for meaning that I have personally found proofreaders who cannot proof read. So, make sure they guarantee their work.

Next you will have to get a cover design. You can[ do this yourself but remember, readers do buy books by their cover. A decent cover will set you back $500 bucks.

Last and probably the most important is the marketing of your work. If the public does not know about your book, they will not buy it so you must advertise. This took me a very long time to figure out. When I first published The Adults in the Room, days would pass without selling a single copy. I mean I could not give the thing away. Now I sell between 150 to 200  copies per month which is still not great, but it is a heck of a lot better than 5. How did I do it? I can’t tell you for free, but I will say that you have to spend money to make money.

Writing a book is a leap of faith.



Jeffrey Mechling

Jeffrey Mechling was born in Alexandria Virginia to a family full of secrets. His maternal grandfather was thought to be an original member of the OSS [The Office of Strategic Services].

Other members of the Mechling and Emerson families, as well as family friends, lived within the shadowy world of espionage and would only revealed that they “worked for the government”.

Mr. Mechling himself has worked as a Financial Economist and Operations Research Analyst with a not too secret government agency.

Jeff has written two novels – The Adults in the Room and The Safe House. Both feature super spy couple Tim Hall and Mary Ann Wilson. He is currently writing a third Tim Hall and Mary Ann Wilson adventure.

An audio book of the Adults in the Room is scheduled to be released


Don “Knotts” E. Gibbin

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